Wonder Woman: The Complete Collection [DVD]

Taken from a long-running DC Comics strip, Wonder Woman was made into a popular television series between 1978 and 1981, starring former Miss America, Lynda Carter. Capturing the hearts of TV audiences with her sexy outfit as much as her superheroine abilities, Wonder Woman quickly became a kitsch icon, battling the forces of evil with the unforgettably camp “garb of justice”, including bullet-proof bangles, a golden lasso and the belt of strength built into her corset. She had an invisible plane, too.

Originally Princess Diana of Paradise Island (an uncharted land of Amazon women in the Bermuda Triangle), Wonder Woman is sent as an emissary to the outside world to protect the human race from the forces of evil. And so she becomes Diana Prince, the geeky, bespectacled assistant to Steve Trevor of the Inter Agency Defence Command in Washington, whose father she assisted against the Nazis in the 1940s. —Laura Bushell

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